Custom Shopify Websites

Online sales are driven by a great online store, and the setup of your Shopify design is crucial to that success. It is important that your website makes a positive first impression on your customers. Our team of experienced Shopify experts are here to help you launch a high-quality design completely customizable to fit your business goals and needs.

"Online sales are driven by a great online store"

What is Shopify?

Shopify is an eCommerce platform built to streamline the eCommerce experience for merchants and customers. The site allows you to design, develop, market and sell any type of goods around the world. If you’re spending the majority of your day worrying about shipping orders, conversions or the design of your site, it’s about time to hire an expert and alleviate some stress.

Design | Develop | Market | Sell

Our Custom Shopify Website Package Includes:

  • Development and setup of your Shopify site

  • Theme consult and installation

  • Color and font design changes to coincide with your branding

  • Logo addition to site

  • Navigation and page setup

  • Product entry

  • Installation of up to 3 Apps

  • Payment and shipping setup

  • Technical support

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